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Seven people watching [Jan. 1st, 2014|09:08 am]
Twelve Days of Christmas Challenge!


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On the seventh day of Christmas...
...seven people watching,
six building blocks,
five unusual accounts,
four mysterious keys,
three insect encounters,
two people learning,
and a night in a tent.

Fandom: Bomb Girls
Rating: PG
Summary: It's easy to see if you look properly

Vera knew people.

She may not have been the smartest, may not have the most patience, certainly wasn't the prettiest since the accident - that sent a shudder down her spine - but Vera prided herself on knowing people.

She had had a good idea for weeks over what it was that was bringing those frown lines out on Betty's face, but after tonight she knew.

Swirling the drink in her hand she wondered if anyone else had cottoned on. Her eyes cast over the distance between Betty and Kate and she pursed her lips.

So Kate knew.

She turned her attention to their resident socialite, and mused over the question before deciding that she wasn't completely sure whether Gladys knew or not but was inclined to think she did.

Betty was sitting alone now, Gladys and Kate had been asked to dance. As Betty lit up one of her ever-present cigarettes, Vera slid across the room. As she reached Betty's table she gently took the light out of the blonde woman's hand and lit up her own cigarette. Betty greeted her with a slight nod of the head. Not intending to stay - there was a cute soldier over by the bar that had been smiling in her direction all night - Vera just kissed Betty gently atop her head.

"Those of us who matter Betts, we love you no matter who you love", she smiled. After the initial flash of shock, Betty even managed a smile back.

Fandom: Assassin's Creed
Rating: PG
Summary: Altair knows how to hunt down his target

You can learn a great deal about a man by watching how he moves within his world and how he interacts with others - and Altair knew the importance of learning about his targets.

A nervous man, a paranoid one was much harder to follow, to sneak up on. But once you were upon him he would put up little of a fight.

A proud man, an arrogant one would never consider that someone would dare follow him. Back him into a corner and you have a fight on your hands.

Clever men could be undone by the very intelligence they pride themselves on, and foolish men made for easy targets.

A rich man would try to bargain, a poor man beg.

Follow a man for long enough and the intricate details of his life, of his habits and patterns unfold before you and your way to him unfolds as well.

Once you had that, it was your time to strike.

Fandom: Primeval
Rating: 12? Some bad language.
Summary: Abby has started to warm to Jenny Lewis

As Rex snuggled into the crook of her arm, Abby leant back in her chair - her managerial computer chair she smirked to herself and allowed herself a few moments to look around. In a rare, blissful moment of respite there were no anomalies, no emergencies, no drama and at times like this it was almost peaceful to work in the ARC.

Nick and Connor were bent over some documents on the workstation, Steven was nowhere in sight and Jenny was on the phone. Not her usual, 'Holy shit there's a dinosaur stampeding through London, cover it up' phone call though...maybe a personal one. She looked almost happy.

Abby kicked her feet against the desk and spun around in the chair, Rex gave a guttural squeak as she did. There was no way of being subtle - Jenny had been a massive bitch when she first arrived. Admittedly, Nick hadn't helped matters by insisting she was someone else... She was better now though. She did actually have morals, despite first impressions. Abby stuck her foot out to stop herself spinning and lifted her eyes to carry on her observations.

Except Jenny was staring back at her this time.

Abby managed a weak smile but in that moment Jenny looked about as predatory as some of the creatures they chased. It was the lipstick, Abby reasoned, everyone looks like a femme fatale in red lipstick. Either that or a clown...

"Oh shit", she murmured as Jenny hung up and started to walk over to her. Even Rex recoiled closer against her body, burying his head under her jacket. Jenny stopped and leant her hands on the table, and Abby couldn't look anywhere but straight at her. Jenny smirked and pushed herself upright,

"Didn't your mother teach you? It's rude to stare", and then she was on the move again, phone back in her hand.

Abby let out a breath she hadn't realised she had been holding and untucked Rex's head from inside her jacket.

"She's still a bit scary though...".

Fandom: Malory Towers
Rating: PG
Summary:  Sally is reluctant to admit that her and Alicia have anything in common.

It had been an innocent enough comment on Darrell's behalf, and Sally knew now that she had blown it completely out of proportion. Of course, if she had stopped and thought for a moment, Darrell might have realised that making any comparison between Sally and Alicia was going to end badly; but she didn't think like that. So now Sally was sat alone in the dorms, angry at her best friend who was probably sat in the common room trying desperately to work out what she had done wrong...

"It's obvious she isn't happy here, she feels alone, you can see it. She hasn't been sleeping or eating properly, you can tell by looking at her", Sally explained as they made their way towards class,

"Maybe people like you and Alicia can but I'm not good at that sort of
thing, you know that", Darrell replied over her shoulder as she moved aside to let some older girls past. Sally stopped in the middle of the corridor, letting one of the girls knock into her and half-hearing a comment about 'petulant' third graders.

"What did you say?". Darrell turned around and frowned a little,

"That I'm not good at reading people?". Sally caught up with her in a few short steps,

"No...about me and Alicia?". Darrell's face flickered with realisation,

"Oh...just that you and Alicia both seem to have this...I don't know...that you can both look at people and just tell things about them that I can't". Sally felt that horrible little knot in her chest start to tighten,

"I am nothing like Alicia", and she had stalked past Darrell with purpose.

Sally sighed and lay back on the bed, it really did seem so stupid now. But how could she explain to Darrell that she simply hated the thought that Darrell saw any similarities between her and...and...

All thoughts were lost as she became aware of someone else in the room and she got to her feet quickly. Alicia stepped forward just as quickly and Sally found herself with far less personal space than she would have liked.

"Did you two have another little fight?", that infuriating smirk was there already, "Darrell's actually doing a good job of pretending she's okay, usually it's much more obvious that she's upset. Of course, she still has some tell-tale signs...". Sally hated the fact that she knew what Alicia was talking about,

"So", Alicia took another step forward, "what was it this time? Something about me again?". Sally knew from the flicker across Alicia's face that she had given something away,

"Thought so...maybe I should go cheer her up?". Sally had never wanted to hit someone as much as Alicia in that moment, and it took every bit of her self-control to keep her hands to herself. Alicia raised one eyebrow lazily and headed back towards the door,

"See the problem is Sally, it's too easy for me to push your buttons, I know your weak spot", she shot over her shoulder as she strolled back out the door. Sally leant against the wall and let her head fall back against it with a thud, wincing slightly at how hard she had done it.

That's what made it worse. Darrell wasn't wrong this time.

Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Rating: 12? 15? References to violence etc.
Summary: Angelus likes to watch

I find myself coming back almost every night. She knows I'm here and that's all part of the game. I see the curtains twitch, the flash of blonde, the double checking of the windows.

She knows I can't get in. Her little witch has already seen to that. This isn't about getting in, no, this is far more than that.

I wait in the tree tonight, it's that much closer and her fear is almost tangible from here. She has seen me, I saw the widening of her eyes, heard the pounding of her heart.

She closed the curtains but she knows I'm still here, waiting for my chance to take her.

I have tasted many in my life, but never a Slayer, and her blood will be sweetest of all.

The curtains twitch again and she's checking up on me. I inch closer along the branch and feel her move away.

Maybe I'll try one of her little friends again. She can't watch them all the time. Willow would get the best response I think...I can see the look of devastation already, tearing her soul to pieces. Then I think I'll go for her mother, that would put her right where I want her.

I let her catch another glimpse of me before jumping back to the ground.

As much as it scares her to see me, it terrifies her when she can't.

I'll be back tomorrow.

Fandom:  Borderlands
Rating: 15 (Language/Violence)
Summary:  A man can become detached staring down a rifle scope.

Such a beautiful sound, the crack of a sniper rifle. I could listen to it all day. Batwing likes it too, I can tell.

The others are down there somewhere, don't know where, don't care. It's nice to get time alone; just me, Batwing, some smokes and my gun.

Just waiting for the signal.

I can see some bandits milling about in the canyon, I'll target them first. I lift the scope to get a closer look. Oooh Bruiser's, big mother-fuckers but get the right angle and boom their head goes just like all the others. I find myself scanning eagerly for a Goliath - now they're a nice challenge.

Shit, there's the signal. I snap into position and find the bandits again.





Fuck yeah! Didn't even take a step. A second shot before they work out what's going on and another bandit hits the floor. They're freakin' out now, scurrying around like bugs - where's that Bruiser? I swing the sniper, desperately seeking that giant meat slab, and when I spot him. It takes a second to line up the shot and another half to pull the trigger.


Hole in one. The bastard goes down hard.

Right on top of Roland.

Shit he ain't gonna be happy.

Ah fuck it, they all look the same from up here.

Fandom: Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
Rating: 12
Summary: Skye has other skills apart from hacking.

Skye sometimes wondered whether the others really thought she was stupid. It was either that or they had no idea just how terrible they were at acting. She knew that Coulson and May knew something about her parents - despite all the 'offers' to help from Coulson or the flat-out cold bitchiness from May, she knew.

Skye threaded the little metal wired down through the bracelet that she had been so generously accessorised with - the bane of her existence. Maybe if she...she might be able to...

Nope. Dammit.

She threw the metal onto her bed and stared at her laptop in frustration. Getting her band off would be a start - at least she wouldn't be magnetically attracted to a wall everytime she was in the Hub. Getting hold of some higher level clearance...now that would really kick start things off.

But none of that was happening anytime soon and short of confronting Coulson or May, neither of which had particularly favourable outcomes, she was stuck watching and waiting for them to give something else away.

She lay down and frowned up at the ceiling, she could deal, she's a big girl after all. Then an unnerving thought crossed her mind - she could deal, just as long as Coulson and May weren't her parents...

[User Picture]From: versipellis
2014-01-01 12:59 pm (UTC)
Ooh, the sniper one is a really good stream-of-consciousness, very chilling! As is the Angelus one actually...

Really like the MT too - and it's so true, both of them are very good at analysing people. It's just Alicia doesn't always use her powers for good ^^ And the Bomb Girls one is really sweet!
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