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Twelve Days of Christmas Challenge!

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We're back! [Oct. 5th, 2016|10:07 pm]
Twelve Days of Christmas Challenge!


Yes, it's that time of year! (well, actually, we're early this year for a variety of reasons! Enjoy it!) Rules and FAQ are here and here's the challenge for this year!

12 magic events,
11 people reaching,
10 signs of danger,
9 tough nights,
8 masquerades,
7 unwilling observers,
6 questions asked,
5 skeletons,
4 things that puzzle,
3 special treats,
2 changed directions,
And one protective shield!

Clarifications and ideas if wantedCollapse )

Any questions? Please ask away and I'll answer! Good luck everybody, looking forward to the fic!
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On the twelfth day of Christmas... [Jan. 14th, 2016|12:12 am]
Twelve Days of Christmas Challenge!

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...some of 12 uncertain smiles. I may complete and edit this on my page tomorrow for the sake of completion but I have encounter some barriers this year that were more difficult to overcome than anticipated. Regardless...

Edit: So I managed to add to my meagre list and improve the number of submission - yay.

Title: Not my brother’s keeper
Fandom: NCIS
Rating: PG
Word Count: 180

[Spoiler (click to open)]Ziva didn’t enjoy going down to the lab. She understood why Abby disliked her - and Ziva wasn’t sure disliked was a strong enough word since at times she was convinced the other woman despised her - but that didn’t make it any easier to deal with.

Ziva had started out trying to smile, be welcoming, put up with the nasty comments, the cold tone, and the dark looks. Then day after day of forcing that smile on her wore on her, and the smile lessened a bit each day. Now it took all her strength to even look at the other woman, let alone smile at her.

She wished she could tell Abby that she was sorry, sorry that Ari had killed Kate and sorry that Abby had lost a friend, and sorry that Ziva had been pushed into the team before they really had time to heal after her death. She couldn’t say any of that though so she just kept quiet and let Abby say the things she needed to say.

All this for the sins of her brother.

Title: Mirror Image
Fandom: Binding of Isaac
Rating: PG
Word Count: 226

[Spoiler (click to open)]Isaac tried looking away. He wanted to walk away, but his body wasn’t obeying him. So instead he tried looking away and then looking back.

It was still there.

He looked down at his arms, pulled up his t-shirt to check his stomach and chest. Looked back at the mirror.

It was still there.

He didn’t understand. Then again, there was a lot he didn’t understand anymore. He didn’t understand how there could be a multi-level basement beneath his house, where all kinds of monsters had somehow survived. He didn’t understand how his mother could love him so much one day, and want to kill him the next.

Someone came and took her away. Isaac wasn’t sure how they found out about his mother trying to kill him, they lived alone, far away from anyone else. But someone had found out, and now mother was gone, and Isaac was in this house until there was somewhere more permanent for him to go.

He turned back to the mirror. He was worried something from the basement had come with him, because the face in front of him isn’t his. There’s a demon looking back at him, and Isaac’s pretty sure it’s not him. But it smiles when he smiles, with the same wicked glint, and no matter how many times he looks it’s still there.

Title: Wasteland Prey
Fandom: Borderlands
Rating: PG
Word Count: 359

[Spoiler (click to open)]The violent crack of bullets died to silence for just a moment, followed a frantic click…click…click. Mordecai stepped out from behind the rock he had taken cover behind and began to close the gap with long strides.

The bandit didn’t notice his approach for a shockingly long time - although the Vault hunters had long given up expecting any signs of intelligence from the residents of Pandora. Mordecai quickened his pace as the bandit began to scramble desperately on the floor for any spare bullets, stepping in front of the bandit and casting a shadow over his crouched form.

The pause was almost comical - like a scene from a cartoon. Then slowly, painfully slowly, the bandit lifted his head to look first at Mordecai’s boots, then up his body - tall even when you weren’t face down in the dirt - before resting on Mordecai’s broad grin.

It was obscene how often what followed happened, especially when most encounters with the less friendly locals resulted in threats of being eaten or flayed alive. First there was the heavy swallow, then the clumsy shift back into a seated position, and then came the backwards shuffle. It looked ridiculous, grown men scraping their backsides backwards through the dust. Then inevitably they backed up against a rock.

Of course Mordecai had followed them with slow, deliberate steps, and when they looked up at him again they would find that maddening grin still on his face. That was when it happened, the most unbelievable thing of all.

They always fucking smiled. This terrified half-smile, a pitiful attempt at camaraderie. Mordercai’s grin just broadened,

“Howdy”, and his hand reached for his holstered pistol.


Mordecai jumped as the sniper rifle bullet splattered the bandit’s head across the rock in front of him, leaving an abstract painting of blood and brain matter, then turned to glare at his companions in the distance.

“Now what’d you go do that for?”, he said, and his ear-piece crackled into life.

“What’ve I told you about playing with your prey”, Lilith replied, “Now get your skinny ass back here”. Mordecai just laughed and loped back towards the jeep.

Title: For his sake
Fandom: Jurassic World
Rating: PG
Word Count: 223

[Spoiler (click to open)]Zach wanted to cry.

Anyone would really when there were creatures loose that were intent on killing you. But even if he wanted to cry, wanted to sob and beg the universe to get him out of her safe and reunite him with his mum and dad, he couldn’t. Because Gray was walking beside him, silent tears streaming down his face, terrified out of his mind. So even though Zach wanted to fall to his knees in the sludge and the mud and cry until his chest ached and his eyes burned, what he did instead was turn to his little brother and said,

“I think we’re getting closer, we’ll find Aunt Clare and she’ll sort it out.”, and it sounded ridiculous, the idea of his aunt somehow managing to sort out a giant, carnivorous dinosaur. He forced a smile on his face and hoped that he’d kept his tone light enough.

Gray scrubbed at his eyes with his sleeve and looked at Zach out the corner of his eye,

“You’re not scared?”

“I’m terrified”, Zach shrugged, “but being brave isn’t about not being scared is it? It’s about doing stuff even when you’re scared”, and Gray seemed to like that. He returned Zach’s cautious smile with one of his own, and that was enough to make Zach’s feel all the more genuine.

Title: Chosen
Fandom: Malory Towers/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Rating: PG
Word Count: 332

[Spoiler (click to open)]In that moment, with Alicia Johns staring at her as if she had gone quite mad, Marie Potts was quite certain of one thing. That she had done nothing to deserve this, no matter what the Council might say.

“Are you alright Miss?”, and there was an infuriating edge to Alicia’s voice, there always was of course, and Marie took a deep breath to maintain her professionalism.

“I understand it seems a lot to take in, and in your position I would be disbelieving as well. Regardless, it is true and I need you to listen to me”, and even before she had finished the sentence, she could see Alicia glancing around, as if she were checking whether this was some over-the-top prank that the teachers had decided to play.

“I’m sorry but…”, and before Alicia could finish, Marie waved her hand to cut her off,

“Tonight, come out to the stables once everyone else has fallen asleep. I will show you and then we won’t have to go through this ordeal of me convincing you”, she said. Alicia’s eyebrow raised and a smirk tugged at the corner of her lips.

“What if I don’t turn up?”

“Oh I know you quite well Miss Johns, I’m quite certain it’s not in your nature to just stay tucked up in bed after what I’ve told you. I will see you tonight”, and Marie turned on her heel and made course back to her room. She had expected a quiet life when she had left the Council and relocated to Cornwall. Of course she had entertained ways that they might find to pull her back in, after all no-one ever truly retired from the Council. What she had not expected was that Alicia Johns of all people was a Potential Slayer.

Marie paused at her door and mentally corrected herself, because Alicia was a Potential no more. With another sigh, she decided she must have really upset someone to deserve this.

Title: Practice
Fandom: Cold Case
Rating: PG
Word Count: 148

[Spoiler (click to open)]Lilly would never admit how much time she spent looking in a mirror, perfecting her expressions. All detectives did it - the good ones anyway - but it wasn’t something they talked about.

You had to get the balance right for each situation, a different face for a different person and a different ordeal. When you had to tell someone that their loved one had died you had to keep your face neutral but somehow convey empathy; for someone you were questioning who need emotional support to help you with that next step in the investigation you had to offer a small and encouraging smile; for criminals you had to stonewall and just make yourself unreadable. Lilly was good at the latter one.

That made it all the more difficult, when she was with someone she cared about, to be natural and show something other than calculated expressions or neutrality.

Title: In the Quiet
Fandom: Malory Towers
Rating: PG
Word Count: 181
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Whilst Sally did enjoy the confident and gregarious Darrell that the rest of the world knew so well, she privately confessed that at times she rather preferred the side that only she got to see. If someone saw Darrell anywhere else, they would question how the word shy could ever possibly be used to describe her, but that was part of the beauty of it.

“What are you thinking about?”, Sally asked as she brushed one of Darrell’s wayward curls out of her face; she had asked this question before many times and she always got the same response. A smile - quite unlike Darrell’s usual grin - that made Sally feel like all that mattered was that moment.

Darrell rarely told her what she was thinking about, usually she distracted Sally with a brush of her fingers tips, a caress of her hand, or a touch of her lips. Sally knew she was avoiding the question, but she let her do it anyway because truth be told it was nice to have the quiet sometimes. A moment where it was just them.

Title: Faking It
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Rating: PG
Word Count: 123

[Spoiler (click to open)]Her smiles hadn’t felt right since she came back, and Buffy was pretty sure that the others could tell. What did they expect having torn her from heaven? Of course they didn’t know that - and she did have to remind herself often that she had lied and said she had been in Hell - and she couldn’t really blame them for their reactions and their words, but that didn’t make it hurt any less.

She saw how fake the smile was, how robotic and unnatural it looked when she stared, at the face that didn’t seem like it could be hers, in the mirror. So there was no way the others could have missed it.

Which made her wonder why none of them asked.

Title: Free
Fandom: Malory Towers
Rating: G
Word Count: 133

[Spoiler (click to open)]Clarissa felt so many things all at once as she rode alongside Bill. Bill who barely knew her but as the poor little fragile girl who hung around with Gwen but who saw her upset and held out a hand in friendship regardless. Clarissa stole a glance at the short-haired girl who was so focused on riding that she didn't notice the attention she received.

Happiness, that one was easy to identify. Relief, to be out from under Gwen's nastiness. Gratitude, for the world sending her someone who noticed she needed saving. There were some others in there, all threatening to pour out after years of trying to keep the more extremes of her emotions at bay, but Clarissa didn't care to think of them at that moment. So instead she just smiled.

Title: About Turn
Fandom: Waking the Dead
Rating: G
Word Count: 187

[Spoiler (click to open)]Eve berated herself for her distraction. Normally she would have known Boyd was in one of his infamous moods - the clearing tables and upending chairs and stomping and shouting kind of moods - before she reached the end of the corridor.

This time she had been so ingrossed in her findings that she hadn't noticed until she stepped inside the bull pen and a chair landed a metre in front of her. For a moment she wondered why the Met continued to employ a man who probably cost them a considerable amount in furniture before she abruptly turned and practically fled from the room.

She saw the look of desperation that Stella shot her, the "don't you dare" eyebrow that Spencer gave her, but she responded with a half-cocked grin of apology and continued her return to the labs. She would get it in the neck later for that, especially from Stella when they got home, but Eve figured that one of the perks of being isolated out in the lab so often was that she got to escape there as well in moments like this.

Title: Eyes on You
Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Rating: G
Word Count: 165

[Spoiler (click to open)]Squall always looked so serious, and at times it nearly broke Rinoa's heart. She would glance across the room, steal a look that she hoped no-one saw, and watch him for any indication of happiness.

She never saw it - it was always the same stoic, stoney expression weighted down by emotional and physical pain. Of course Squall never told them when he was stressed or if he had come out of a fight carrying an injury, but Rinoa could see it all the same. She counted the lines on his furrowed brow, saw the change in his eyes, and she knew.

Once he caught her watching him and raised his eyes slightly in question. Rinoa had blushed and shrugged her shoulders and hoped he let it go. For a moment the lines disappeared from Squall's face and the darkness lifted from his eyes. It wasn't a smile - not anywhere close - but it gave Rinoa hope that there might be one. One day.

Title: Reward
Fandom: Elementary
Rating: G
Word Count: 265

[Spoiler (click to open)]"So you're not going to tell me anything", Watson paced the room, and Sherlock smirked at the familiarity of it as his protege carried out an action he himself was quite partial to doing when lost in thought.

"No, that would ruin the surprise"

"But you hate surprises", Watson protested, and Sherlock shoved his hands into his pockets with a grin.

"Ah, but you don't", and he saw Watson smile, just a little at that comment, "You are rather partial to them, in the right context. Besides, I have given you more than enough clues if you cared to look. I have practically been waving clues at you for the past few weeks". Watson gave him one of her looks, that looked like they were meant to be withering but were always rather undermined by the smile that threatened to tug at her lips.

"So how long do I have to wait for this...this..."

"Reward", Sherlock filled in the blank with a flourish, "and not long now, in fact there should be a knock at the door any moment now", Sherlock looked at his watch and counted the seconds in his head until there was a dull thud at the door, at which he extended his arm towards it. With a light-hearted roll of her eyes, Watson complied.

She was silent when she first opened the door and saw what the courier had in his hands, and for a horrible moment, Sherlock feared he had made a miscalculation. Then she finally turned to him and her face burst into a smile.

"You are welcome Watson"
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On the eleventh day of Christmas [Jan. 13th, 2016|09:20 pm]
Twelve Days of Christmas Challenge!

[Tags|, ]

my true love sent to me (definitely on the eleventh day of Christmas and not at all late)

eleven opened doors

[Title] The Doors of Perception
[Fandom] Battle Royale (manga); AU (sequel to a long-past fic of mine)
[Rating] PG-13 maybe shading to R for language and implied unpleasantness. Also brief mention of self-harm.
[Notes/Summary/The Story So Far] Class B were never chosen for the Program... but this was of little consolation to Shinji Mimura, who was arrested for anti-government activities at 4 p.m. on one idle Tuesday. Under interrogation he betrayed the existence of his deceased uncle's wife and then served a jail sentence of two years. On his release he encountered Shogo Kawada, and the two agreed to team up, leave town, and work together to revenge themselves on the government. First, however, Shinji has his own demons to overcome.
[Link] Here. Eleven doors in three chapters (chapters three to five of the linked work). Also kind of long. And late. But I had fun writing it anyway :p
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On the eleventh day of Christmas... [Jan. 13th, 2016|08:44 pm]
Twelve Days of Christmas Challenge!

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...eleven open doors, ten shocking moments, nine recorded happening, eight nosy parkers, seven Cupid's arrows, six open books, five punishments, four floods of tears, three portents of doom, two buried secrets, and one outstretched hand.

Title: Cliche
Fandom: Tomb Raider
Rating: G
Word Count: 222

[Click to continue]Another door. Lara barely contained the sigh of frustration as she stopped in front of what had to be at least the tenth door in these ruins. Of course it didn’t have a handle, apparently they were a decidedly modern day invention.

“I don’t know how these ancient civilizations ever had any time to do anything else. They seem to have spent most of their existence building elaborate locking mechanisms for their tombs”, Lara muttered to herself as she walked across the front of the door, scouring the wall for any indication of a switch or pressure pad.

“Oh of course it’s up there”, she said when she finally caught the glint of a switch embedded just above the giant door, and of course there were convenient hand holds for her to climb up to the door in the least practical way possible. How anyone ever got around in ancient society was beyond her. She finally swung herself up and slammed the palm of her hand against the switch. The door scraped open, a hideous noise that Lara had gotten more than used to other the years and Lara perched on the top of the door frame.

Because if there was anything as common as finding hideously complicated locked doors, it was that just behind the locked doors there were always enemies.

Title: Personal Walls
Fandom: Malory Towers
Rating: G
Word Count: 295

[Click to continue]The problem with building walls to keep yourself safe, was that eventually someone tried break them down.

Sally shut the door of the music room, and let out a sigh of relief at the silence that surrounded her. She stood and listened to it for just a moment, then walked over and took a seat in front of the piano and began to play her warm up scales.

The steady pace of the notes echoed through the room, and Sally felt a huge weight lift off her shoulders as she straightened her back. She played each scale through, then started again. She could move onto songs, should really if she wanted to expand her repertoire, but there was something so calming about scales.

She hadn’t meant for the walls to be quite so impenetrable. Her parents stopped trying to reach her quite early on, and although they had forgiven her surly moods and jealousy, she could never quite forget that they had sent her away from home. Oh they had given reasons, and Sally was certain that whatever the real reason was, the fact that she had grown so much in her time at Malory Towers was a good enough outcome. So her parents gave her space, hoped that one day the sweet daughter they remembered would return. Sally wasn’t sure that would ever happen.

She paused with her fingertips ready to move onto the first song she usually played. Then a smile pulled at the corner of her lips and she shook her head.

But then perhaps those walls wouldn’t always be there; since Darrell Rivers hadn’t so much chipped away at her walls as she had kicked down the front door and started dismantling them from inside.

And Sally was okay with that.

Title: Notes are all that remain
Fandom: Primeval
Rating: PG
Word Count: 304
[Click to continue]
As Jenny sat on the floor of her office, she was struck by how little of his work they had managed to salvage. Helen had blown the place up so she shouldn’t have been surprised really, but sitting there with the realisation that the two boxes in front of her contained everything Cutter had been working on in the weeks and months before his death made her feel…

It made her feel small. Insignificant. She wondered how many boxes would commemorate her passing.

No-one had disturbed the contents of the boxes since they were first packed up. It hurt too much, the wounds were too raw. Jenny wasn’t convinced she was ready to open them herself, but someone had to because what Cutter had done was important and it deserved to be read.

She knew a little of his theories. That the anomalies were based on myths and legends, and that he was torn between whether the anomalies were doorways to the past and future or whether they were doorways to a parallel universe. She didn’t know at the time, when he first told her, how much that would matter to her.

Now she found herself wondering, if they could control the anomalies, would she be able to go back and save Cutter? Or would that be impossible because if he had never died she would never have tried to go back? She could ask Connor, but he would get that heartbroken look in his eyes and tell her that they shouldn’t play with the past because look what happened with Claudia Brown.

She was sick of hearing about Claudia Brown. So she didn’t tell Connor or anyone else, and just hoped that maybe Cutter’s work would point her in the right direction.

She took the first piece of paper from the box.

Title: Failed
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Rati ng: PG- 12
Word Count: 157
Note: Spoilers for Season 5 Double Finale.

[Click to continue]Ziva already knew what they would find when they opened the door to the dinner. As she stepped over bodies, not recognising any of the men, she knew what she would find at the end of the trail of bodies. Knew who she would find.

That didn’t make it hurt any less. Didn’t stop the sharp pain in her chest or the lump in her throat when she looked around and saw her.

Director Jenny Shepard was dead.

Ziva called Tony’s name and that was the last word she said for a long time. The guilt got heavier with each minute that passed; she blamed herself, she blamed Tony, and she blamed Jenny. They should never have left her side, and she should have told them the truth.

Ziva knew the tears were coming, that they wouldn’t stay at bay forever, but until then she held them down and let her anger bubble to the surface instead.

Title: Taking Turns
Fandom: Left 4 Dead
Rating: 12
Word Count: 291

[Click to continue]“It’s definitely your turn Francis”, Bill cut off the bickering, “Louis was first out at the train station, Zoey was out of the first safe house, and I went out first at the log cabin”.

“Zoey was out first at the train station cos I remember Louis whining like a baby ‘bout how his leg was still hurting”, Francis growled as he loaded shotgun shells in his gun, “And I don’t remember you being in the lead at the log cabin old man”.

“You scared or something? I mean I don’t blame you”, Louis held his hands up as Francis pointed the gun at him, “I’d be scared too, the sound of that witch moaning out there”.

“I can’t see her”, Zoey called from her position peering out the tiny bits of window that were covered by metal and wood.

“Don’t matter if you can see her, can hear her is the problem”, Francis muttered, “What if she’s right outside the door?”

“Pretty sure she’d be much louder”, Louis suggested as he nudged Francis towards the door, “Come on man, we can’t stay here all day.” Francis pumped the handgrip on his shotgun to chamber the next bullet and took a few steps towards the door.

“And we definitely can’t go through the roof?”, Francis asked one last time.


“Fine, alright”, and Francis reached out and pulled back the deadbolts. He raised an eyebrow at the others to check they were ready and then threw the door open.

The witch screeched as soon as the light from their torches cast across her face, and she rose like a hunched up scarecrow, claws bared.

“Motherfu…”, Francis groaned as he fired off his first shot, square into her face, “I hate witches”

Title: Runner
Fandom: Dying Light
Rating: 12
Word Count: 323

[Click to continue]Amir had tried running at college, but it was nothing like this. There wasn’t the pain, shooting agony through his ankles, his knees, through his chest. In college if he had slipped he might have been out of running for a few weeks, here if he slipped, he died.

He could hear them behind him, the screams and the cries, the slapping of dead flesh pounding the road behind him. He had started climbing as soon as a route to the rooftops had become clear, but they had followed him. The bastards could climb! Amir jumped from the roof, clearing the van beneath him by a few inches, and rolled as he hit the floor. It lessened the pain but he still staggered back to his feet, shaken by the fall.

He felt sick; he couldn’t tell if it was fear or pain or a mixture of both. Dark thoughts were crossing his mind, wondering if it was even worth running. Something would get him eventually, probably one of these creatures. Would it have been worth it to have fought so hard only to succumb in the end?

Then he saw the light from the tower and he felt his adrenaline fire up one more time and his paces grew longer and his jumps further. As the glow of the UV light grew closer and closer, so too did the sounds over his shoulder and when he was within a few metres of the door he felt the warmth of their rasping breath on his neck and he flung himself forward. He dove through the UV light, crashed to the concrete on the other side and rolled into the pile of crates. He rolled onto his front and stared in horror at the creature thrashing under the UV light, stared until it spun around and fled back into the night.

Next time he would heed the advice to not stay out after sundown.

Title: A Matter of Trust
Fandom: Major Crimes
Rating: G
Word Count: 175

[Click to continue]For the first few days, Rusty just wanted to run away. How was he supposed to just trust her? She wasn’t Brenda, she didn’t know him. She wasn’t friendly or compassionate or flawed the way Brenda was, who Rusty could believe because she seemed so human. Sharon Raydor, Captain Raydor didn’t seem human, and Rusty didn’t trust her.

So on the third day he did run away. Late one night, when it was dark enough that no-one would recognise him, he gathered his stuff into a backpack and ran. He ran until his throat burned with each gasp of breath, and his legs trembled beneath him.

He stayed out for hours that night, walked up and down back streets as he contemplated his options, with all of Brenda’s words echoing through his head. He wasn’t sure when he started walking back towards her apartment but before he reached the front door, it opened.

Rusty glanced up at Captain Raydor as he stepped past her,

“Brenda trusts you, I guess that’s good enough for me”.

T itle: L acking a Key
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Rating: PG
Word Count: 185
[Click to continue]
People always acted like locked doors were such huge barriers - you saw it in movies all the time. The door that the hero desperately needed to flee through was always locked.

Buffy ducked under the flailing arm of the vampire and kneed him hard in the gut. Considering he had supposedly been dead for longer than Angel and Spike combined, he was less challenging than she’d anticipated.

“If you’re quite finished playing around we still need to work out how to get inside”, Giles called, and Buffy was a little put out that the Watcher was less than impressed with her work.

“Always so desperate to get to the finale Giles, you’d really do to learn some patience”, and Buffy pretended she didn’t notice the trademark eye-roll. Then as the vampire charged her once more, she turned and kicked him firmly in the abdomen. It was almost perfect the way he flew through the air and smashed through the once locked door, leaving splinters and hinges in his wake.

“After you”, she grinned and she definitely saw the weary smile that Giles tried to hide.

Title: Waiting
Fandom: Elementary
Rating: G
Word Count: 211
Continuation from the Elementary fic in ‘10 shocking moments’

[Click to continue]Perhaps he should have gone to collect her from the hospital. That was the third time in as many minutes that Sherlock had experienced that line of thinking. It was ridiculous of course, because he didn’t drive and so instead would have had to have offered her a lift back to the Brownstone in a taxi. Hardly the most comfortable of journeys when one was recovering from a gunshot wound.

He paced the corridor. He had tried books, tried the internet, tried old cases; and nothing had been able to sustain his attention for more than a few minutes before he became agitated and restless. He wasn’t supposed to get like this, and it irritated him how his own mind and body were betraying him. Years of learning the utmost control over himself could be undone in minutes.

He turned abruptly at the sound of the key in the lock and strode towards the door. He stopped a few steps from it when the door swung open, and Watson stepped through.

They stood like that for a minute, maybe longer. Sherlock had rehearsed what he wanted to say to Watson when she returned but in that moment his voice failed him. Eventually Watson just smiled.

“I’m glad to see you too”.

Title: Going in circles
Fandom: Warehouse 13
Rating: G
Word Count: 171

[Click to continue]“You have got to be kidding me”, Myka peered over Pete’s shoulder as he finally managed to shove the door open.

“Nope, it is another door”, and she had never heard her partner sound so close to tears before.

“How many is this now?”

“I stopped counting after thirty”, Pete leant against the door frame and banged the back of his head against it, “Any luck reaching Artie yet?” Myka held up the Farnsworth with it’s static screen and shook her head. They stood in silence for a minute, maybe two. Then Pete lifted his hands and ran them down his face in despair,

“What do we do?”

“I guess we keep opening doors”, Myka shrugged.

“Should we split up?”

They looked at each other for a moment, then simultaneously shook their heads.

“Alright, maybe it’s lucky door number sixty two”, Pete groaned as he stood up again.

“I thought you stopped counting”

“Yeah well, I lied”, and Pete grabbed the handle of the text door and flung the door open.

Title: Divide
Fandom: Elementary
Rating: G
Word Count: 195
Note: Mild spoilers for S3

[Click to continue]The door to the Brownstone would be open. Watson knew that. After Sherlock’s words, she knew he would violate his usual careful sense of security and privacy and would leave the door unlocked, at least until he was certain that Watson wasn’t going to show.

And she wasn’t going to.

She wanted to, and she had no intentions of trying to convince herself otherwise because she was far too old to be playing games with herself, but she wouldn’t. He had moved on, traded her in for a younger, and decidedly irritating, partner. Watson felt a little guilty for thinking of Kitty like that, considering what the younger woman had gone through; but reminded herself that everyone had gone through something bad, everyone had scars, and that didn’t make annoying people any less annoying.

Perhaps it was childish to not just rekindle their partnership - they had made a great team after all - but Watson was not willing to give in again. Sherlock got what he wanted far too often in this world, and far too often at the expense of someone else. Watson wasn’t prepared to put herself out yet again, not even for him.
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On the tenth day of Christmas... [Jan. 10th, 2016|09:13 am]
Twelve Days of Christmas Challenge!

[Tags|, , , , , , , , , , ]

...ten shocking moments, nine recorded happenings, eight nosy parkers, seven Cupid's arrows, six open books, five punishments, four floods of tears, three portents of doom, two buried secrets, and one outstretched hand.

Title: Secrets of Balamb Garden
Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Rating: PG
Word Count: 116

[Click to continue]Squall wasn’t prone to moments of disbelief. He fought monsters on a daily basis and wielded magic that many would never believe existed. When you had to power to pull fire from thin air and call forth mighty creatures to fight on your behalf, there was very little that could shock you.

Still, as he stood at the window, palms sweating even as they pressed against cool glass, he couldn’t help but stare in disbelief at the sight before him. He might have predicted many things, but that the emergency plan for Balamb Garden would be to move the whole school because the damn thing could fly…that hadn’t even been a blip on his radar.

Title: Recall
Fandom: Prince of Persia
Rating: PG-12
Word Count: 167
[Click to continue]
The Prince had quickly learnt that reversing events with the Sands of Time was not the same as events never having happened in the first place.

He would rather have preferred the second option.

It seemed a wonderful artifact to have at first - granting the user the ability to cheat death again and again. Except death was not shrugged off entirely, and forever kept one hand ghosting at the Prince’s shoulder.

The Sands didn’t erase memories, didn’t erase the experiences that he went through. He shuddered every-time he approached a corridor and saw it full of swinging blades and arrow traps; recalling memories of blades cutting through him like butter only to be removed as if it had never happened when he clasped the Sands and invoked their power. The pain remained though - and how many had the pleasure of knowing exactly how it felt to die in so many ways and live to tell the tale.

Sometimes it almost seemed like death would be preferable.

Title: Temper
Fandom: Malory Towers
Rating: PG-12
Words: 393

[Click to continue]For a second Sally regretted her actions.

She knew from experience that touching Darrell when she was in a temper was a terrible idea. Oh it was quite one thing to put a cooling hand on Darrell’s shoulder or to quickly squeeze her hand when the initial sparks of a rising temper were showing; but quite another when Darrell was barely holding onto her emotions.

Yet she had done it anyway. Perhaps it had been the peculiar swirl of emotions that marred Darrell’s eyes that had prompted it; perhaps it had been the fact that Alicia Johns had been involved, whispering something to Darrell on the way back from lacrosse practice that had pushed Darrell into this state; perhaps it was desperation because Darrell hadn’t responded to her efforts, blocking her out with one word replies that were so out of character.

She could perhaps about it all day, but the fact was when Darrell had tried to leave the dorm Sally had grabbed her by the elbow.

Darrell response had been instant and Sally found herself pushed back into the wall with Darrell’s hands gripping her wrists. As shocked as Sally was, it was short-lived because another emotion took it’s place.

Darrell looked like she had startled herself with her own actions, and now that she found herself pressing Sally bodily against the wall of the dorms, she didn’t seem to know what to do. Sally watched as Darrell’s eyes flickered down, her gaze resting momentarily on Sally’s lips. Sally was in no state to be logical about any of this; all she could think about was just how close Darrell was to her, how right it felt to be here, and how much she desperately wanted Darrell to just close the last few inches and kiss her.

The sound of voices from the corridor broke them apart as quickly as they had come together, and Darrell left the room before Sally could break the silence. Sally slid down the wall and leant her head back against it once she was sat at the bottom. She let out a breath that she hadn’t realised she’d been holding, and ran one hand through her hair.

She had no idea how they were going to sort this out, but at least she had a good idea what Darrell didn’t want to talk about.

Title: Quantifiable Fear
Fandom: Numbers
Rating : PG
Wo rd Count: 17 6
Notes: After events of Season 2, Episode 21.

[Click to continue]Every night was the same.

Out of nowhere he would hear it, the violent crack echoing through the dark, and he would bolt upright in bed. Sweat poured from his face and his whole body trembled as he looked around frantically, reassured himself that he was in his room, in his bed. That he was safe.

He was a mathematician, he shouldn’t be having nightmares about gunshots and spending nights in a half paranoid glaze as he avoided stepping too close to any of the windows.

It wasn’t that Charlie thought he was invincible - he was more than aware enough of the limitation, the mortality that face him. It was just the thrill of being caught up so completely in something he loved; it made him forget that in any single moment his life could be wiped away.

He told the others that he was okay now, managed to keep up the facade for as long as they were around, but night brought with it the darkness and in the darkness he was anything but okay.

Title: Like high-school all over again.
Fandom: Gears of War series
Rating: 15
Word Count: 362

[Click to continue]All Baird had wanted was to go for a goddamn piss.

He shoulda been more careful really, checked over his shoulder. Years of hearing about criminals that wanted to savage his family because of his father’s work in court had usually made him more careful. Still, he could always blame being out of his depth surrounded by people and not machines.

Like that would fucking help now. Baird kicked out hard at the guy who had smashed his head off the edge of the toilet, and sent him crashing back through the cubicle door. He summoned up his strength and threw himself at his other assailant with a sound somewhere between a roar and a shout. Guys always underestimated him - saw a geeky little rich boy with a smart mouth and figured they could get away with pushing him around.

He crashed to the floor with the other guy and managed to land two solid punches before he was flung backwards into the wall. Even before his head stopped ringing from the second blow in less than as many minutes, he was smacked across the face and sent sprawling across the piss stained floor.

“What the hell y’all doing in here?”, a voice boomed from the doorway, and the two men stopped their assault on Baird, “Get your asses outta here so I can use the bathroom in peace”.

Baird pushed himself to his feet and moved to lumber forward and throw one final punch, but the new arrival - easily a head taller than him grabbed his assailants by the back of their armour and flung them towards the door.

“Got your bodyguard now Baird, but you’ll get yours soon enough”, one of them growled just before the door slammed behind them.

“Damn, nice company you keep”, the other Gear chuckled as he strolled over to the urinal, and Baird groaned as he finally recognised the voice.

His rescuer was none other than Augustus Cole - the Cole Train. He’d been saved by a fucking thrashball superstar.

Baird limped over to the sink to start cleaning his face and chuckled to himself at the irony of the jock saving the geek for once.

Title: Echoes
Fandom: Elementary
Rating: PG-12
Word Count: 275

[Click to continue]Sherlock couldn’t pay attention to the paramedics - he didn’t need to hear what they had to say. He was fine. Watson was not. He shrugged off what he supposed was meant to be a comforting hand and stood up abruptly. He didn’t stop to listen to their protests, instead strode deliberately across to Captain Gregson who had just pulled up.

“I need a lift to the hospital”.

“Hello to you too Sherlock”, Gregson replied dryly.

“Watson is there”, and something changed in Gregson’s expression. He glanced over his shoulder and called over another officer, instructed them to drive Sherlock to the hospital.

Sherlock didn’t bother to pay attention to whatever the officer was saying in the seat beside him. He doubted it amounted to much - certainly not anything more important than what he was doing in his own mind. He recalled the attack; replayed the scenario in his head and tried to concentrate on running calculations and trajectories. Except he was missing variables. The crack of the gun was louder than he had anticipated and Watson had pushed him aside so quickly that he couldn’t recall where she had been standing.

When he had looked up the suspect was gone and Watson…

Sherlock shook his head and tried to ignore the memories, but years of fine tuning his senses meant that the smell of gunpowder and blood still clung to his nose, the impact of the bullet rang through his ears, he could almost still feel the tightness of Watson’s grip where she had grabbed his hand.

He almost wished he could focus on whatever it was the man next to him was talking about.

Title: Arise
Fandom: Prototype
Rating: PG-12
Word Count: 166

[Click to continue]Alex had felt sorry for the pathologist - not all your corpses came back to life. He had checked before he smashed out the nearest window that the poor old bloke hadn’t had a heart attack, and he’d dialled 911 and left the phone off the hook, just in case.

It felt strange to think of him now and think of another person with such sympathy, even less than forty eight hours later. Alex wanted to blame dying for yanking the empathy right out of him, but if he were honest he was a git before any of this had happened so maybe dying and the mutation had just heightened that.

Killing had become such a normality in such a short space of time; as his body twisted and turned with the flow of the pathogen and mutated beyond what a human should look like and be able to do, Alex held onto that one sympathetic feeling. It might be the only damn thing keeping him human.

Title: Show me yours
Fandom: Prototype/Infamous
Rating: 12-15
Word Count: 260
[Click to continue]
“That’s pretty good”, Cole puffed when he finally hoisted himself up on top of the skyscraper alongside the other mutant he had met, Alex Mercer, “Would make my life a bit easier to be able to jump like that”.

“You got the whole electric hovering going on though”, Alex replied, “Looks cooler than weird-ass mutations spurting out of you every other moment”.

“Dude, your arms change into wings”

“Claws too, freaky looking tentacle things that go into the floor as well - not a hit with the ladies though, unsurprisingly”, and the other man sounded smug about his abilities all the same though, “Anyway, you’ve seen enough of me, show me what you’ve got”.

“You might not want to stand so close”, Cole suggested, but Alex just shrugged.

“What’s it gonna do? I’m already dead”, and Cole shook his head in reply. He clenched his fists and raised them above his head, glanced at Alex to give him one more chance to back off and then dropped to his knee and slammed his fists down against the concrete. The sparks coursed through him for a split second and then the tell-tale crack sounded as lighting arched up high in a circle around him.

He didn’t hear anything but when he looked up, Alex was gone. Cole jogged over to the edge of the roof and peered down to the street below where there was a man size crater just visible on the sidewalk.

“Shit”, Cole muttered. Alex might not be dead, but he was sure going to be pissed.

Title: Demons Inside
Fandom: Malory Towers/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Rating: 12
Word Count: 1,084
Note: At prompting from sabethea after her fic from Day 6 (and quite frankly versipellis is getting some blame too for seconding it) - demonic possession, awkward conversations, and a seriously lacking education system.

[Click to continue]Darrell pushed the hand on her shoulder away and tried once more to get to the door. But the blonde woman was blocking her way and the red-head beside her was so persistent.

“I am fine!”, Darrell snapped, forgetting that she was meant to be respectful to adults because right now, with whatever had happened to Sally, that didn’t seem important.

“You are not”, the red-head pushed her back towards one of the chairs, “You’re injured”, and the words brought about the throb in Darrell’s temple and the ache in her side that she had so far managed to ignore.

“It doesn’t hurt, just let me go”

“Sit yourself down there now or so help me…”, and with the new tone in the red-head’s voice, Darrell sat down abruptly in the chair and went silent. The blonde was laughing now and the older man was just shaking his head and muttering to himself.

“I’m Willow”, the woman tending to the wound on Darrell’s forehead introduced herself after a minute or so of uncomfortable silence, “That’s Buffy”, and the blonde waved and Darrell briefly wondered what sort of name Buffy was but then considered with her own name perhaps she shouldn’t be passing judgment, “and that’s Giles”.

“Darrell…and the girl that your friend kicked through the window is Sally”, and Darrell glanced deliberately at Buffy who just rolled her eyes,

“She was going to kill you”, Buffy shot back and Darrell didn’t miss the looks that Willow and Giles promptly shot at her which prompted her to raise her hands and mutter an apology. Darrell looked back at Willow and tried not to think about the fact that Sally had thrown her halfway across the room, or that her eyes had turned black and her skin had flared with this peculiar hue that Darrell just couldn’t explain.

“Why did she attack me?”, Darrell asked eventually and Willow’s face softened.

“She’s not herself”

“But..how did she…”, and Darrell frowned as she tried to make sense of what she had seen,

“Crash course for you kid”, Buffy stepped forward, “Big evils are real. Demons, vampires, werewolves; all the things you might have read about in books are real and I hunt them, keep the world safe”.

Darrell wasn’t sure how long she stared at Buffy before she finally managed to say something, “So you’re telling me that demons are real and one of them has possessed my friend?”

“Well - I don’t know if possession is quite the right word, but I suppose for a lack of…”, and then Buffy interrupted Giles mid-sentence, which was something she probably did a lot given Giles’ eye roll.

“Really don’t think the kid needs the Watcher’s fuddy-duddy definition of this”, and then the slayer crouched down in front of Darrell, “basically, yeah. Some demon’s got its claws in your friend and we need to sort it out”.

Darrell closed her eyes and massaged the side of her head that was beginning to throb now with pain - perhaps Willow had been right about how badly she’d been hurt - as she tried to think clearly,

“So you need to make her not controlled by this demon thing? You’re not…I won’t let you kill her”, the sudden realisation of what Buffy had said previously about hunting ran through Darrell and she jumped to her feet, knocking the chair behind her over and making Willow jump. Buffy just smirked, in a manner infuriatingly familiar to Alicia, and slowly stood up.

“We don’t need to hurt her”, Buffy said, and Darrell just looked pointedly at the shattered window that the blonde had previously kicked Sally out of.

“She was just about to…”, and then Willow put one hand on Buffy’s shoulder and raised an eyebrow; Buffy sighed, “We’re not going to kill her, I promise”.

“So what do you…I…need to do?”, Darrell asked, and she didn’t miss the brief glance between Buffy and Willow. She was well aware that she was probably not going to be much help - but she was hardly about to let them run off and find Sally without her.

“Willow’s gonna do some magic, we’re gonna vanquish the big bad, and bring home the girl, and stop just short of saving the world again, okay?”, and Darrell wasn’t entirely certain she was following Buffy, but she was sure that was as much to do with Buffy as it was to do with her. The head injury was probably complicating things as well.

She wondered how she was supposed to explain that one to everyone in the morning.

And the broken window.

“Why did Sally get possessed? Is it going to happen again?”

“We’re working on making sure she doesn’t”, Willow had moved over to the stack of books and what looked like herbs and liquids on the table beside Giles, “she’s going to have to drink this potion”, and Willow held up a strange, dark grey liquid, “otherwise the demon…”, and then Willow hesitated.

Darrell waited, confused, until Willow finally found her voice again, “You see, if we don’t get her to drink this then your friend will just get get like this every time she has her period, but we’re going to handle it”, and Willow looked mortified, although Darrell wasn’t quite sure why. Darrell ran over the words in her head and frowned,

“Alright, one more question”, Buffy said, “Then we are leaving before your friend kills someone”.

“These periods Sally’s having? What are they?”, and all of a sudden some of the colour drained from Buffy’s face and she looked frantically at Giles. The older man just held up his hands and shook his head. Buffy glanced at Willow, who was now a similar shade of red to her hair, and then finally looked back at Darrell who was beginning to worry,

“How old are you kid?”, Buffy asked.

“Fifteen”, and Darrell had no idea why that mattered.

“That’s not uncommon Buff”, Willow offered, and Buffy just sighed.

“You know what? We’re gonna go save your friend”, Buffy finally said, putting her hands on Darrell’s shoulders, “We’ll get this potion sorted, get her back to normal for you, and then Giles is going to have a nice long conversation with your head-teacher and suggest that this particular discussion is added to your curriculum”, Buffy cocked her head to one side, “you know, minus the demonic possession part- God knows periods are stressful enough without that bit of information”.

Title: Master Creations
Fandom: Various Lego Series
Rating: PG
Word Count: 450

[Click to continue]“I don’t think that’s right…”, Robin shuffled his feet and winced at the monstrosity in front of them.

“Is that a hand?”, Frodo staggered, stiff-legged over to the vehicle and bent at the wait to look at it. A chunk of the top propeller fell on him with a crash and bricks scattered everywhere.

“Bloody hell, Emmett killed him”, Ron stepped beside Robin and then rolled his eyes (figuratively of course since they didn’t move like that) when Hermione corrected him.

“Short of being melted, we can’t actually be killed. We’ll just have to reassemble him”, and she started to shift the blocks, joined by Chewbacca and Luke Skywalker.

“I liked it better when we couldn’t talk”, Rob grumbled, wishing his arms bent at the elbows so he could fold them across his chest.

“Good idea letting us speak was not. Yes, hmmm.”, Yoda’s voice made Ron jump and he turned to glare at the alien - or at least his ghostly form.

“How do you explain him then?”, Robin asked, “How’s he a ghost if we can’t die?”

“Plot device”, Hermione called from behind the pile of bricks, “I’ve found his legs”.

“Where’s Emmett gone anyway?”, Luke grumbled as he dug out an arm, “Master builder my a…”

“Does this belong to you?”, Wyldestyle stepped alongside Robin and held out Frodo’s head, “It’s creeping me out”.

“Ah…haven’t found his torso yet”, Hermione called, “Keep hold of him for me?”

“I would rather she didn’t”, Frodo grumbled and Wyldestyle glanced at the head in disdain before turning and handing it to Gollum, whose face switched to a wide toothy grin.

“Master, I will protects you”, and he clutched Frodo’s head to his chest.

“This is worse”, Frodo mumbled.

“Is this Emmett’s doing?”, Wyldestyle asked, waving towards the deformed vehicle.

“Yeah…Bruce didn’t take it well - it used to be the batmobile. I think he might have cried a little”, Robin smirked.
“Batman doesn’t cry”, a deep voice boomed from the plastic trees behind them.

“But apparently he does hide in trees”, Wyldestyle commented, “I wish Emmett would just, you know, use the master builder powers but no - every so often he gets this harebrained idea to try something different”.

Chewbacce roared and pointed up at the window, Luke followed his gestured with his eyes then said, “It’s nearly bathtime, we’re going to be packed away soon”.

“I am not going back in my box like this”, Frodo shouted, “So how about someone goes to get our master builder and sorts this out?”

“Calm down little hobbit, I’ll go”, Wyldestyle sighed, and as she walked away she couldn’t help but chuckle.

She bet Bruce did cry - he loved that car.
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Amnesty Period [Jan. 7th, 2016|05:54 pm]
Twelve Days of Christmas Challenge!


Hey guys!

Congratulations on everybody who has completed so far! As always, we have an amnesty of a week now, so you can continue posting any fics until Wednesday 13th January. Looking forward to anything else you have and catching up with everything that's been posted - you're all amazing!
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Day 12 [Jan. 6th, 2016|11:03 pm]
Twelve Days of Christmas Challenge!

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On the Twelfth day of Christmas an introvert gave to me
Twelve Uncertain Smiles
11 opened doors
10 shocked moments
9 recorded happenings
8 nosey parkers
7 cupid's arrows
6 open books
5 punishments
4 floods of tears
3 portents of doom
2 buried secrets

Title: Feel Bad
Fandom: Fringe (Spoiler Free I think)
Rating: U
Summary: Walter has little smiles
I like a little angstCollapse )

Title: Work Relationships
Fandom: Fringe (Spoilers)
Rating: U
Summary: Lincoln Lee thinks about Olivia
I had to finish with a bit of FringeCollapse )

Title: Array of Smiles
Fandom: Confessions of Dorian Gray
Rating: U
Summary: Different smiles for different people
FlurbleCollapse )

Title: Carefully Prepared Picnic
Fandom: Merlin
Rating: U
Summary: Merlin likes to encourage his friends' relationship
floobleCollapse )

Title: Staying
Fandom: X-men (Days of Future Past)
Rating: U
Summary: Why Hank stays
I had to watch the trailer for the new film before deciding wwhere to go with this oneCollapse )

Title: A Predator's Smile
Fandom: GetBackers
Rating: U
Summary: Akabane's smile
LoolloolooCollapse )

Title: The Right Smile
Fandom: Dexter
Rating: U
Summary: Dexter has to practice smiling
blahdeblahCollapse )

Title: Annoying
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: U
Summary: Remus gets an unexpected apology
This was harder to write than I expectedCollapse )

Title: Worrying Smile
Fandom: Winnie the Pooh
Rating: U
Summary: Piglet often worries about smiles
A bit of sweetnessCollapse )

Title: Vila's Smiles
Fandom: Blake's 7
Rating: U
Summary: Avon knows Vila's smiles
smwahsCollapse )

Title: Happy Professor
Fandom: Scaryfiers (Big Finish again)
Rating: U
Summary: Harry Crow considers his new partner
A llot of Big Finish stuff this year!Collapse )

Title: Free and True Emotions
Fandom: DAQ
Rating: U
Summary: Hongou's smile
<lj-cut text="The only way I could finish> Hongou was not a man who showed emotion freely, at least not unless it was irritation. Even Nanami, who had known him since their own school days, could count on one hand, with fingers left over, the amount of times that he had seen Hongou smile. One of the fingers he would only hold half way up because he wasn’t completely sure. There had been a day when they’d been out doing some In The Field training with Q-class, and the kids had been doing really well, and Nanami had said something about Dan-sensei being proud of them if he’d been there. Hongou had made one of his little noises, which could have meant anything, and Nanami had turned around to look at him. For just a moment he thought that there was a smile on Hongou’s face, a real smile, like the sort someone with real feelings and emotions like a normal human would have. But then it was gone, and there was no trace of it, and even now, years later, Nanami was never quite sure if he hadn’t just imagined it. </lj-cut>
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On the twelfth day of Christmas [Jan. 6th, 2016|08:57 pm]
Twelve Days of Christmas Challenge!

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my true love sent to me

twelve uncertain smiles

(The eleventh day of Christmas is, erm, in progress. It is long and probably not very accessible but dammit, I AM COMMITTED TO IT NOW.)

[Title] The Doctor and the Nurse
[Rating] PG
[Fandom] Malory Towers / Doctor Who (classic series, in fact, as this is a sequel to my one extended hand, as requested by sabethea

She"s proved herself, hasn"t she?Collapse )

[Title] Inside
[Rating] PG
[Fandom] Akira (movie)
[Notes/Summary] Tetsuo tries to convince himself that everything is going to be fine.

His skin feels aliveCollapse )

[Title] Origin Story
[Rating] G
[Fandom] Jet Set Radio
[Notes/Summary] Gum, Beat and Tab consider the important question of gang identity.

Do we need a uniform and stuff?Collapse )

[Title] The Sun and the Moon
[Rating] PG-13, (brief, non-graphic) mention of rape and dub-con
[Fandom] Akira (manga); AU in which Kaori survived
[Notes/Summary] Kaori doesn't know where to be now Tetsuo is gone.

Everyone else she knew is deadCollapse )

[Title] First Impressions
[Rating] PG-13
[Fandom] Jet Set Radio
[Pairing] Gum/Mew
[Notes/Summary] Neither of them was particularly happy when they first saw the other.

I was so freaked out seeing you in front of the windowCollapse )

[Title] Tactics
[Rating] PG
[Fandom] Akira
[Notes/Summary] Kaneda knows how important it is not to mess up on your first day.

He pulled it off, like he always didCollapse )

[Title] In Harmony
[Rating] G
[Fandom] Jet Set Radio
[Pairing] Cube/Coin
[Notes/Summary] Their eyes met over a crowded music shop.

There"s some bootleg Rob Zombie here if you want itCollapse )

[Title] My Other Half
[Rating] G
[Fandom] Malory Towers
[Notes/Summary] Sometimes Ruth feels like she's waiting for someone else.

She pictures Connie beside herCollapse )

[Title] Snapshot
[Rating] G
[Fandom] Battle Royale
[Notes/Summary] Yutaka's got a photo up on his wall.

Yutaka doesn"t like himself in photos muchCollapse )

[Title] Weird and Awkward
[Fandom] Battle Royale (manga); AU
[Rating] PG-13, maybe mild R for sex
[Pairing] Hiroki Sugimura/Kayoko Kotohiki
[Notes/Summary] Kayoko expected her first time to be awkward, even if it was with Hiroki.

She knew it involved taking off her clothesCollapse )

[Title] Sunrise
[Rating] G
[Fandom] Homestuck/Death Note
[Explanatory Notes] mayfic requested "Death Note characters as Homestuck trolls". Trolls have different 'quadrants' of romantic relationships which include: kismesis = hate!sex, matesprite = romantic love, moirail = non-sexual deep friendship with one partner taking care of the other / preventing them from slipping into murderous rages. Also, trolls have six-letter names. I haven't just forgotten how to spell ;)

Part 1Collapse )

Part 2Collapse )
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On the ninth day of Christmas... [Jan. 6th, 2016|08:41 pm]
Twelve Days of Christmas Challenge!

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...my essay was finished for good! I don't want to read about Inclusion for a while now. Thanks to well wishers if I did not thank you individually.

...nine recorded happenings, eight nosy parkers, seven Cupid's arrows, six open books, five punishments, four floods of tears, three portents of doom, two buried secrets, and one outstretched hand. (Also I can't count because this ended up as 10 fics - which makes this the third time I've gone over now I think)

Title: Challenges
Fandom: Elementary
Rating: G
Word Count: 353

[Click to continue]“I want to know how you did it”, and Watson pulled the duvet up over her head and mentally cursed whatever she had done to deserve Sherlock as an alarm clock.

“It’s half five in the morning Sherlock”

“How did you beat my challenge?”, and Watson pulled back the duvet at his words.

“Oh so you finally noticed did you?”, and she had to admit that she enjoyed it when that look flickered across Sherlock’s eyes and his jaw tightened. She could see he chose his words carefully before he spoke again,

“How long ago did you beat my challenge?”, and Joan couldn’t help but tease him some more,

“You mean you didn’t notice?”, she lay back in the bed and put her arms behind her head as she smirked up at the man at the foot of her bed, “Losing your touch are you?”

Sherlock went to speak a few times before he straightened his stance,

“Very well - I will deduce how you defeated my challenge and another shall be set, clearly I went too easy on you for your first real challenge”, and he turned on his heel and stalked from the room.

“Don’t bother checking the video cameras you had set up by the way”, Watson called after him, “I won’t be on there”. She nearly laughed when she heard footsteps return to her door,

“How did you know there were cameras?”

“It’s you, of course you would have cameras set up”, Watson stretched, trying her hardest to look deliberately nonchalant about the whole thing, “How else would you be able to keep track of how many times I tried in that little notebook of yours?”.

Sherlock’s face nearly exploded at that point and he stormed, once more, out of Watson’s room. Watson chuckled to herself as she settled down for a few more minutes rest.

Sherlock would be annoyed with himself when he saw the easily exploitable mistake he had made in his precious challenge, and no doubt the next would be practically impossible to anyone but Sherlock’s clone, but Watson was going to revel in the win regardless.

Title: Diaries need no lies.
Fandom: Elementary
Rating: G
Word Count: 164
Note: Spoilers for last 4 episodes of Season 2, first episode of Season 3.

[Click to continue]I miss him.

She had to write it down.

Had to tell someone, somewhere; even if it was just herself in a diary. Because she couldn’t say it out loud, couldn’t ever admit it to anyone.

It was silly and petty and she felt like a child for behaving like so stupidly, but at the same time she burned with the resentment that it was him who had left and abandoned their partnership.

It was him that had left to go chase dreams at MI6.

Watson didn’t need him. That’s what she told herself every day before she left her apartment, it’s what she told herself every time she found herself facing a difficult case, it’s what she told herself every time doubt crept in. Watson didn’t need Sherlock; and clearly he didn’t need her.

But it was all lies she told herself, lies she told her friends, lies she told Sherlock’s friends.

So there had to be one place where she didn’t lie.

Title: Minds-eye
Fandom: Psychonauts
Rating: G
Word Count: 185

[Click to continue]Raz wondered if anyone would believe him if he wrote a book.

Probably not.

And not just because he was some circus kid, but because what he saw everyday was weird. Really weird. What made it worse was the fact that most of it was from someone else’s mind.

Raz liked to write down debriefs on his ‘adventures’ - he’d leave them for a few weeks and then re-read them and it would come rushing back except he had time as a buffer and that made it seem even odder than when he’d been there actually experiencing it.

Maybe if he wrote it as fiction? People said truth was stranger than fiction and in this case that was definitely true, but pretending it wasn’t real might be a better idea.

Like, would people really believe that your emotional baggage was literally bouncing suitcases in your brain that needed to be collected and sorted out? Or that figments of imagination were like magic potions that made you superpowered?

And people really didn’t want to know what their own prejudices and bigotries looked like manifest with form.

Title: Marks on the Page
Fandom: Malory Towers
Rating: G
Words: 276

[Click to continue]Belinda smiled when she realised what she was doing. The rhythmic tap, tap, tap of her pencil against the top of the table. She had tried, and mighty hard she thought too, to stop doing it because she knew it drove her parents mad with distraction when they were in the same room as her. Still, no matter how she tried it would creep back.

Belinda blamed Irene for it, so much time spent around the other girl had led to her picking up her quirky little habits. Not that she was sure whether Irene was even aware of them, and if she were Belinda was fairly certain she had no idea why they prompted the unusual looks they did.

As she dropped the nib of her pencil back onto the page, she twisted her mouth as she tried to think of the right way to draw her. You couldn’t draw a movement, couldn’t draw a quirk, not in the straight-forward meaning of the word at least. Yet any drawing of her closest friend would fall flat without them.

Belinda smiled unconsciously as her hand once again began to knock the pencil as she tried to envision what she wanted to see when she finally set the pencil aside. It wouldn’t be perfect, and she had made peace with that. No drawing, no matter how detailed, would ever capture every detail. And Irene had so many details, so many qualities that were just impossible to draw, that no portrait would ever be perfect.

Belinda closed her eyes and tapped the pencil a few more times off the table before she finally made that first mark.

Title: Server 4123
Fandom: Minecraft
Rating: 12
Word Count: 500

[Click to continue]Initiating…entry 1…server 4123

Players are learning the basics. Hitting things with their hands. Trees. Stone. Each other. Progress is slow. It takes Player 3 until nightfall to make a pickaxe, an axe, and a sword.

Player 3 has been killed by a creeper.

Player 3 has respawned. Player 2 has stolen Player 3’s dropped items. Player 3 calls into question the marital status of Player 2’s parents at her birth.

Shutting down recording.

Initiating…entry 4…server 4123

Players have made surprising progress. A castle is under construction. Beneath the castle is a mine. Players 1 and 3 work in the mine, Players 2 and 4 work above ground.

Player 3 has found diamond.

There is considerable jealousy of Player 3’s discovery. They argue over correct use of diamond.

Player 3 wants to construct a diamond pickaxe.

Player 3 constructs a diamond pickaxe.

Work continues on the castle. Player 2 is coaxing pigs into the ground floor with carrots, intentions uncertain.

Shutting down recording.

Initiating…entry 6…server 4123

Players have failed to find more diamond. They are taking turns to use the diamond pickaxe. Player 3 is not happy with this decision.

Player 2 continues to lead pigs into the ground floor of the castle. Other players are too busy mining to notice.

Player 4 is using the diamond pickaxe to mine obsidian.

Player 4 mines through to lava. Player 4 is dead.

Player 4 has lost the diamond pickaxe.

Players 1 and 3 curse Player 4, making reference to male genitalia in their descriptions of him.

Shutting down recording.

Initiating…entry 10…server 4123

Chaos has erupted. Players 1, 3 and 4 have built their own castles. They attack each other on sight. Raids of each others castles for resources are a regular occurrence.

Player 2 has crafted a carrot on a stick.

Player 2 is riding on the back of a pig. All the other pigs are following her. Intentions still uncertain.

Player 1 has crafted a bucket.

Night has fallen. Player 2 is fleeing from creepers on the back of her pig.

Shutting down recording.

Initiating…entry 13…server 4123.

Player 1 has crafted 5 more buckets since last entry. Player 1 has filled these buckets with lava.

Player 2 has diversified. Ground floor of castle now contains cows and sheep in addition to pigs.

Player 4 has stopped playing. Call of Duty: Black Ops III’s release is to blame for his departure. Player 4 has decidedly poor taste in video games.

Player 1 has removed blocks from the top of Player 3’s castle. Player 1 has poured all his buckets of lava through the hole.

Player 3 is dead.

Player 3 uses language I do not recognise - tone suggests it to be grossly offensive and angry.

Player 2 is now rounding up chickens.

Humans are not efficient users of this software - they have failed to produce anything of worth.

Player 2 is dying the sheep yellow.

Shutting down recording for the final time.

Title: Unlikely Hero of Albion
Fandom: Fable
Rating: 12
Word Count: 539

[Click to continue]“I’m telling you, it were in the Town Crier”, Mabel leant over the fence to regale her eager crowd.

“What’s ‘e gone and stuck in ‘imself now then?”, Arthur grumbled, “Never right that chap…”

“No not the town crier ‘imself, the newspaper!”, Mabel snapped, giving Arthur a clip around the ear.

“Like I’m gonna read that, load of old codswallop”, Arthur retorted and he sat himself down on his rocking chair just outside the front of their house. Mabel rolled her eyes and returned to her companions.

“Are you sure about this?”, Dorothy asked, “Doesn’t sound all that likely if you ask me”.

“I’ve got a copy of the Crier, I’ll go fetch it”, Regina staggered off in doors, nearly falling over the threshold as she reached it.

“That one needs to get her eyes sorted, nice pair of glasses going from that chap who stands down outside the pub”, Mabel sighed, “Maybe I’ll just buy them for her”.

“He’s an odd sort an’ all”, Arthur called, “Never goes anywhere, not even for a piss. An’ he just stands there staring into space until you talk to him. I tell you, this place ain’t like what it used to be”

Mabel rolled her eyes and then snatched the newspaper off of Regina as she stumbled back over to the fence. She licked her fingers and swiftly leafed through until she found the page.

“Here it is”, she fanned out the newspaper and held it for Dorothy and Regina to read. There was silence for a few minutes until Dorothy finally spoke,

“Eer…see the thing is, neither of us can read”

“What do you mean?”, Mabel asked, “How do you get by not reading?”

“Well, mostly I just stand about with a list of odd jobs that seem remarkably easy but actually are far more complicated than you would think, and when some dashing young adventurer comes past I give him them to do in exchange for a few household items”, Dorothy replied. Mabel couldn’t think of anything to say to that so she just blinked a few times then turned her attention to Regina.

“Who me? I’ve got a very important part to play in all of this Mabel! I’m just not sure yet what it is, so mostly I just walk around down repeating the same few phrases over and over again”, Regina smiled proudly. Mabel couldn’t think of anything to say to that either so she just turned the newspaper around to read it to her friends.

“Right then… Local hero, nicknamed “Chicken Chaser” by residents, has banished the tribe of Hobbes that has been terrorising the village with his unique brand of combat. Local blacksmith, Derek Waterstone, reports seeing “Chicken Chaser” wearing down the Hobbes by running in circle waving his sword above his head before turning to confused and beguile them with repeated attempts at Russian dances (one of which ended with the hero on his backside), vulgar thrusts, and making various motions with Sock Puppets. In their confusion the Hobbes stopped their attack and were swiftly cut down by the hero’s sword. Opinion is divided as to whether the Hero is a master of distraction, or whether he is just a blithering idiot.”

Title: Collecting Things
Fandom: Jurassic World
Rating: G
Word Count: 498

[Click to continue]Zach stood outside his little brother’s room. He hesitated for a long time, longer than he meant to before he sighed and dug the receipt out of his back pocket and put it in the bag. Gray would probably complain that it was scrunched up - he did last time. But then last time he’d made Zach dig it out of the bin.

With a deep breath Zach knocked on his brother’s door and counted to seven, then heard,

“Come in”. So he did.

“Happy birthday Gray”, Zach said, and it didn’t sound like he meant it but that was the way Gray liked it, he hated when people shouted. His little brother was sat in the middle of his room, surrounded by books and magazines bought over the years, all with the same subject matter. It was always the same subject matter. Dinosaurs.

“I got you a present”, Zach said and held out the bag, “Here you go”. Gray put down his magazine and stood up to take the bag off of Zach. Zach knew from years of experience to just stand and let Gray carefully unpack the bag, he saw his little brother frown at the state of the receipt but was surprised he didn’t say anything about it. Then he took out the model that Zach had spent so long hunting down.

Gray held it up to the light and examined it from side to side, smiled to himself, and then walked over to his shelves - packed with dinosaur models already and placed the new model in the next space. He pushed it a few times until he was satisfied with it’s position and then turned around.

“Thank you”, and Zach just grinned in reply, and then where he would have usually left the room, he hesitated once more and decided to ask,

“Why do you always want the receipts?”, and Zach had always assumed it was in case Gray didn’t like it, but as he had gotten older he’d began to wonder if it was just one of those things his little brother liked to do that made sense to him.

“They go in here”, Gray replied, and he lifted up a hefty folder filled with plastic wallets. He flicked through until he came to the section marked ‘Zach’ and then slid the receipt inside, “I just like having them”.

“It doesn’t bother you knowing how much they cost?”, Zach asked.

“The price doesn’t bother me - I just like knowing what people bought me and when”, and Gray slid the folder back into the bookcase and sat back on the floor.

“Fair enough”, Zach hadn’t really expected an answer he would understand, but he did feel a little better knowing it wasn’t because Gray thought he was going to buy an awful present, “See you in a bit”.

He smiled as he shut the door behind himself, Gray was going to be so happy when he found out about their trip to visit Aunt Clare.

Title: Notes
Fandom: The Curious Incident of the Dog at Night-Time
Rating: G
Word Count: 223

[Click to continue]Writing things down makes everything easier. That’s what Siobhan said. If you wrote things down you could take them around with you and they would help you.

Unfortunately people did not always react well when you took out pieces of paper to help yourself. People seemed to get upset, and Christopher could never work out why. He wrote things down to make things easier, to follow the rules which everyone else just seemed to know. Then Siobhan told him that you were meant to write things down, but you weren’t meant to let over people see you using them.

That just made writing them down pointless. If he wasn’t hurting anyone (and he was quite sure he wasn’t) and they were helping him, then why should anyone be bothered if he had his notebook in his hand?

Siobhan said it was because people thought that he might be taking notes about them, Christopher asked if it would make them feel better if he just showed them his notebook so they could see it wasn’t about them. Why would they think he was writing about them? Siobhan just shook her head at that and told him to forget about the notebook and about writing things down.

Which was a shame, because Christopher liked his notebook, and he didn’t see why anyone else should protest.

Title: Missed Chances
Fandom: Malory Towers
Rating: PG
Word Count: 58

[Click to continue]Sally should have known it would happen - that her endless excuses and denial would leave her like this. She had chances - so many chances - over the years and she had failed to grasp even one.

And now it was burned into her mind; a shapshot - a photograph - that she didn’t want to see.

Darrell was kissing someone else.

Title: Database
Fandom: Assassin’s Creed
Rating: PG
Word Count: 192

[Click to continue]Lucy tried not to think about the gaps in the records. Thinking about things like that would make her question her judgment - question the Templars - and that was something she could not start to do.

She had her assignment and she planned to carry it out, surprised that she had remained undetected for so long. Apparently those of the Assassin lineage were not as perceptive as they believed themselves to be.


The gaps did bother her. Subject one had died from a seizure, that was straightforward, she could deal with that. Accidents happened. Subject two was Vidic and he was still alive so again, easy. Subject four was still alive, no reported adverse problems.

It was the huge gap that followed that bothered her. There were no reports on subjects five through fourteen and then…

Fifteen and sixteen made her feel sick just to read them. Those poor people…

Lucy shook herself and closed the database, pushed her chair back until it hit the wall behind her and took a deep breath.

They weren’t people - they were subjects. That’s what they had told her, and that’s what she had to believe.
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Day 12!!!!!! [Jan. 6th, 2016|10:28 am]
Twelve Days of Christmas Challenge!

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Title: Chalk and Whiskey
Fandom: Victor Frankenstein
Pairing: Victor/Igor
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 963
Summary: Victor doesn't like the conversation he's having with Igor. So he decides to do something else instead.
Link: Here

Title: Unexpected Questions
Fandom: X-Men: Days of Future Past
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1560
Summary: When Charles asks Hank for sex, Hank has to think about what he wants.
Link: Here

Title: Grown-Up
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Rating: G
Word Count: 207
Summary: Dawn liked the change in her Mom at first. Takes place during Band Candy.

Grown-UpCollapse )

Title: Knowing
Fandom: Merlin
Rating: G
Word Count: 56
Summary: Merlin knows what Mordred is

Read more...Collapse )

Title: Shy
Fandom: Detective Academy Q
Rating: G
Word Count: 132
Summary: Kyuu has feelings about Ryu's smile.

ShyCollapse )

Title: Unfaked
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Summary: Will likes dogs.

UnfakedCollapse )

Title: Working up a Lather
Fandom: Fringe
Rating: PG
Word Count: 346
Summary: Walter wakes Peter in the middle of the night.

Working Up a LatherCollapse )

Title: Weapons
Fandom: Firefly
Rating: PG
Word Count: 243
Summary: Mal has a talk with River.

WeaponsCollapse )

Title: Frowning Upside Down
Fandom: Sapphire and Steel
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Summary: Steel doesn't understand smiling.

Frowning Upside DownCollapse )

Title: Following
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: G
Word Count: 195
Summary: Jamie isn't sure about this strange man that has just arrived ...

FollowingCollapse )

Title: Big-Mouth
Fandom: Jonathan Creek
Rating: G
Word Count: 172
Summary: Jonathan has a worried smile ...

Big MouthCollapse )

Title: Friends
Fandom: Blake's 7
Rating: PG
Word Count: 296
Summary: Vila wasn't sure about Gan at first...

FriendsCollapse )
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